The Christadelphians of Old Trafford meet in an old chapel, which is still known locally as 'The Bethel' (Bethel means 'The House of God' and is the name of the place where Jacob dreamt about the ladder going up to heaven!). The building was built in 1899 so it's over a century old. 

There are many different nationalities represented by our members. There is also a wide age range amongst the people who belong to our church, from those who have just committed their lives to Jesus to those who were the first members, when we moved into the 'Bethel' building in the 1930's. 

We number on approximately 150 members with around 55 regularly attending. There are others including many children and young people who regularly attend our services. Being located in a University city with some big universities plus other colleges of further education, we love to welcome students and encourage them to become part of our family and contribute to church activities. (A lot of students have never moved away and are still enthusiastic church members.)