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Time is something we struggle with and learning to allow God to work in His own time rather than in our time will help us to live in peace. This morning’s take-away: we are called to not only be humble, but to also be bold in our faith.
Malachi's mandate was to call people back to God. They had become lax and mediocre in the way they were treating God & their relationship with him. God's starting point was from a very close, personal relationship of love for Israel. How would our lives change if we constantly had the physical presence of Jesus next to us? Maybe we just need to ask “lord, speak to me today” on a more regular basis.
Looking at what is below the surface in the story of Anna + Simeon, charles explores the importance of patience. They were patient, waiting for many years for the coming of the Christ. What was it that that enabled them to be dso patient? Hope! When you have hope, patience is that little bit easier.
What buisness did three mystics from the East have, coming to meet a toddler in Bethlehem? Malcolm explores the ancient story from the angle of these magicians / astronomers / astrologers being referred to as 'wise men'.
Martyn centres this advent service around Joseph, and his silent and strong dedication to God, and to his wife-to-be Mary. Just like Joseph, we need to listen to God - and the word of God is a great place to start. Martyn exhorts us to find a sustainable and challenging Bible Reading habit for 2020, and to allow ourselves time to listen to our God.
We are familiar with the Advent story. Perhaps too familiar. Richard explores an angle we might not have considered when looking at the shepherds that came as the first visitors to Jesus.