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This morning, Tom guides us through some principles he and Naomi have learnt through relationship psychology - and shows how we as a church can improve our own relationships and better respond to each other’s needs. When we emotionally reach out, we need to respond emotionally to bond in love, in our discipleship together.
Tony asks us some incisive and challenging questions about our response to the very reasons why church exists at all. Are we keeping our promises in the same way God keeps his? Does it matter if we do? What really matters to us in our in our interactions at church?
Singing out loud is scientifically proven to relieve pain and to reduce stress. Singing out loud with other people does the same if not more - it has even been proven to benefit our immune systems, relax us and bring us joy. But why? Colin provides his thoughts about singing, worship and worshipping together in harmony. He challenges us to try and learn a Psalm - to be able to recall a song of the Bible anytime we need it.
This morning Sheila draws us together in thinking about the journey we are all on. We gather on a Sunday morning to meet with our fellow travellers as well as our guides and companions on the road - the Lord God and His son Jesus Christ. Sheila shows us a view of the finish, the coming kingdom, the common goal we share as disciples.
In the letter to the Romans, Chapter 12, Paul explores some improtant qualitites. We are taught abot equality, dignity and diversity. Charles explores how we value ourselves and others and what we can do to combat the instant gratification, superficial short-cuts that seem to be hard-wired into our society.