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Philippians 2 tells us that we are supposed to be seen bright and obvious in this world, to 'shine like stars'. Our lives on this planet are supposed to make a difference, people should see Jesus at work in us. Tony used examples from his life to show that Jesus can change us, he can change our habits if we allow ourselves to be changed.
As we take time at the start of a new week to focus on God, Mike revisits the subject of prayer. He reminds us that Jesus desperately needed to take time alone to pray in secret and in our busy lives, it's important that we too stop, pull the car over to the side of the road, turn the engine off and take our hands off the wheel. In the silence, in secret, let's try to find more time for God.
This morning Trevor introduces us to a confident and ambitious Trevor, as well as a Trevor that struggled to achieve the things he hoped for. Sound familiar? Trevor then introduces us to Jesus and shows us that sometimes we have to stop absorbing and release, and remember that Jesus is someone like you.
As Martyn leads the whole service this morning, he talks to us in our desert places and guides us through Bible stories of others in their desert places, and shows us with the poetry about the day that the desert will bloom. If we're feeling lost and desolate, we can take heart in the knowledge that Jesus is always at hand.
What can we learn from Rahab? She was a woman as flawed as we could imagine. Yet, in the coupling of her faith and actions, she was saved. Tony encouraged us to demonstrate our faith by how we live, lettin gour faith inspire us to change and be different.
This morning Alex takes us back to the days of the reign of David, a man who's faith was strong, but parenting skills were weak. One of David's sons kills another son and in so doing banishes himself. Alex uses this to illustrate that we banish ourselves from God, and it is up to us to allow ourselves to let God draw us closer to him again.