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Jesus proclaimed that there was no man greater than John the baptist. Then John says, referring to Jesus that 'there is one who comes who's sandals I am not worthy to untie'. John was a great man but Jesus was greater. Maurice guides us as we explore how great Jesus was and how we can use him as a measuring stick to inform how we live, now that Christ's greatness has destroyed the power of sin and death.
It is a human trait to judge people and attribute some kind of value to them before we really know them. We also often find that the people we don't give time to and judge most harshly are those on the fringes, the difficult ones, the outcasts. Jesus approach was different. He viewed everyone through the lens of evryone being made in the image of God. When we copy his example, we start to value the most vulnerable who are prepared to stick their necks on the line for redemption.
David discusses the event that is commonly known as ‘Communion’ - the service we meet for every Sunday that involves sharing bread and wine amongst Jesus’ followers. Where did it come from, and how did we come to the ceremony we now know? How did it go from being the remembrance of a nations escape from slavery to being a celebration of mankind’s salvation from sin and death?
Phil explored the necessary attributes required to 'finish the race', reminding us that Jesus has already won it and our completion of it is enough to make us winners too. Our encouragement is to seek the Kingdom first, knowing that our reward is a relationship with God and Jesus.
Belonging to a family is not always straightforward. There are many ways it can come about, birth, adoption, chosing to join a group... Mark reminded us that belonging to Jesus is more important than belonging to church and gave us encouragement and guidance for how to help increase acceptance and belonging.