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What is it that you can bring for someone else? Christ took a small thing and made it big - three nails and a cross - a rudimentary tool that became the biggest redemptive tool the world has seen. God can take hatever your gift or contribution is, even if that is just showing up, and bless it and make it so abundant that many people are blessed by it.
Seemingly small things that Jesus said and did resonated through history. If we allow it, Jesus and God are involved intricately, face-to-face with us in or lives. The small things of today will often, eventually become globally public. Something which should act as encouragement and challenge to us.
On this Rememberance Sunday, Andrew explores the fragility of memory, or perhaps not memory but priorities. Our weekly memorial service not only serves to remind us of the importance of Jesus in our lives, it also allows us to reprioritise. In rekindling the memory of the exodus (the trial imposed on Israel because they kept forgetting), Andrew asks us: do we forget that we are children of God? On our journeys, let’s not forget, let’s not lose sight of all that Jesus has done, and the relationship we have with God.
Manasseh was a king of the Kingdom of Judah. The only son of Hezekiah and his wife Hephzibah, he became king at the age of 12 and reigned for 55 years. He was a very bad King. He very deliberately went against what had been shown to him and taught to him by his own father. Martyn digs deep into the story to see what lesons are hiding within the text for our lives today.
When Jesus said "I am the vine, you are the branches", he was talking about a way of living that ensures we are fully connected all of the time to the source of our faith. David explores the ways we can embody this today.
Trevor beautifully sums-up thoughts and experiences that have been shared over the last four weeks and challenges us as a community to explore what barriers we might be putting up or holding on to that are getting in the way of us being the open, accepting, embracing, gracious and enabling people that we aspire to be as we reflect the love of God.