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How often do we forget to keep Christ at the centre of our minds? Andrew encourages us to have Christ-centred thoughts, motives and ultimately Christ-centred lives.
We are told to "be transformed"!! But what area we called to transform in to? And for what purpose? And are we prepared to be transformed?
How would Jesus’ disciples have behaved differently if they’d realised that the Last Supper was the last one? And how different would the Church be if it believed that Jesus was coming again?
We find many examples in the bible of different people having contrasting skills and therefore different roles. In exploring some examples, Charles shows us that becoming a Christian is not about creating uniformity as we are all saved for an individual purpose. God doesn't need our love but we need to love God and this is apparent as that love spills over into the rest of our lives, affecting our interactions and informs what purpose we are saved for.
The opening of Ephesians reminds us our lives must be centred on Christ. Paul’s making it clear that Jesus isn’t a twist in the story or the latest gimmick. Jesus is the Centre of what God is and will always be about. In the same letter, we are told that we are the completeness of Christ: as essential parts of the body we make up the full complement of the church of Jesus.
We are far more blessed than the material possessions that we accumulate through life. Colin discovered, after recently acquiring an electric bike, that he had a mouse problem in an outbuilding. This led him to realise just how he had become lazy, and forgetful of his real treasure. Refocusing on our real blessings, Colin reminds us that where our treasure is, our heart will be also.