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The time we spend together at this time of year can often lead to conversations about how we’ve spent the year, the things we wanted to do but didn’t, the things we’ve noticed about others ourselves. For Richard, this festive break he’s been reminded that he’d like to start running again. This thought guides ours this morning, how we are running the race of discipleship and what prompts us, how we prepare, the timing of our prompts and discipline.
Christmas is so impressed upon us from such an early time, that we are bombarded with messages of gift-giving and decorations, songs, films and adverts. Tony reminds us what Christmas is all about - Christ - and draws our thoughts to three lessons to take away: make Christ the centre; God calls everyone, and we all get the same gift in Jesus; and lastly - seek God and open our hearts and mind.
Tim explored the darkness in the nativity story. Tim exposes seven points where the darkness is highlighted in the story of Jesus' birth and identifies how the Light of Jesus shone and still shines in the darkness.
What is it that you can bring for someone else? Christ took a small thing and made it big - three nails and a cross - a rudimentary tool that became the biggest redemptive tool the world has seen. God can take hatever your gift or contribution is, even if that is just showing up, and bless it and make it so abundant that many people are blessed by it.
Seemingly small things that Jesus said and did resonated through history. If we allow it, Jesus and God are involved intricately, face-to-face with us in or lives. The small things of today will often, eventually become globally public. Something which should act as encouragement and challenge to us.