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Stories of adoption and the adoption process inspired David's exploration of our own experience of being adopted into God's faily as fully accepted children.
Peace is a big part of our faith, a quality of God, and something Jesus encourages wherever you go. Peace in a family is often hard to maintain, and being peacemakers can come into everyone’s lives at some time or other. There are those that often cause conflict and those who are trying to repair fractures, peacemakers and peacebreakers. We are called, and challenged, to be peacemakers, and to imitate Christ and his sacrifice on the cross.
We are likely to have said over 700 million words by the time we’re 75! But words aren’t all good. Some can hurt and scar, and that’s one of the things that God said he detests - Paul lists it in various places when talking to other churches. We are here to build up and encourage - THINK! Is it True, is it Hurtful, is it Imitating Christ, is it Necessary, is it Kind?
Do we have confidence in Jesus who is the way, the truth and the life or do we adopt a rules and regulations style faith? Is it Jesus plus something else or just Jesus?
Hindsight can be a wonderful thing - we know that Jesus rose again, but the followers of Jesus had not expected it. Despite being told, they still set their expectations too low. What Jesus achieved in His resurrection was far beyond their understanding at the time - and the lesson for us is that we need to accept that God is in control, because He is achieving far greater things than we can imagine.
Colin explores spiritual significance in the colours of the rainbow and how new life from lifeless ground speaks forward to future resurrection.