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Taking a small section from Revelation 5, Maurice expands and umpacks what it means for Jesus to be worthy and how that should affect us in our everyday lives.
Charles proposes that the opposite of trust is superstition. There’s a story in Judges about someone claiming to trust in God, but who in fact followed superstitions. We are encouraged, that despite not being able to see Jesus, we put our trust in Him. This is because we trust his name and what it stands for. We don’t have a physical Jesus we can reach out and touch - but we do have each other as role models. Not to copy, but to learn from. And so - in everything you do set an example.
Richard takes a fresh look at the lost and found stories of Luke 15 and reveals some uncomfortable yet encouraging gems below the surface of Jesus' parables.
Watching the spectacular free solo ascent of El Capitan by Alex Honnold in the eponymous 2018 film changed Tony. Part of the film dealt with how Alex's brain changed and these two changes inspired Tony to think about how we can be changed in our lives by our relationship with Christ.
Stories of adoption and the adoption process inspired David's exploration of our own experience of being adopted into God's faily as fully accepted children.
Peace is a big part of our faith, a quality of God, and something Jesus encourages wherever you go. Peace in a family is often hard to maintain, and being peacemakers can come into everyone’s lives at some time or other. There are those that often cause conflict and those who are trying to repair fractures, peacemakers and peacebreakers. We are called, and challenged, to be peacemakers, and to imitate Christ and his sacrifice on the cross.