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Although listening is sometimes hard to do, do you get angry or sad when people are not listened to? How about when it is God that is not lisened to? Not to be listenend to is devaluing, yet it habitually happened throughout the history of Israel. Chris explores how there are always consequences to not listening; and when crisis comes, there is no support or resources to guide and protect us. Chris's encouragement was that we become aligned to God through listening.
Following Howarths of Flixton (@jonthesausage) may give you the drop on knowing the latest offers on their award winning sausages. Following Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) might give you stunning pictures of your city from space and a sense that you haven't really done anything with your life. But both are superficial when compared to the face to face invitation to follow Jesus. Martyn rails, once more, against the triviality of social media and explores how truly following Jesus cannot be simply an add-on or a lifestyle choice, but must be a commitment to a new life that completely changes everything.
Colin paints the picture of us as sheep, called by our shepherd through trials and challenges, and it is he who pulls us through even if we resist. As we reflect on sharing the eucharist together, Colin reminds us that we continuously stand in a state of grace, that the symbols remind us that Jesus died to draw all sheep to God and that our response of righteous acts is from a place of gratitude.
Altruism - placing the well-being of others above your own well-being. David spends some time this morning showing us the kind of true altruism that flows from God, for which we are the vessels and why we should be motivated to show that altruism. But is there such a thing as true altruism?
Jesus was magnetically drawn to the temple as a young boy. Charles suggests that it was for safety, worship and conversation about God. We should also be drawn to community and congregation around the same things. None of them is a quick-fix option, they all require time and commitment. Charles expanded the three areas with suggestions and thoughts of how we can better engage with God's story.