We are a growing, urban, community church where we are encouraged to be like Jesus and love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and love others as we love ourselves. 

In our lives and in our church activities we try to display the love God and Jesus showed and the hope of salvation to those around, using all of our God-given talents and gifts. 

God continues to live in us and work through us to His glory and our spiritual growth and unity. We believe God is using us to reach out to everyone in the local community through the activities we run as a church. 

As a community of Jesus followers we are focussed not only on "What God has done in the past" and "What God is going to do in the future" but also, and crucially,"What God is doing NOW"!

We would love to see you at any of the events we run, but we are also interested in how we can best serve you.

We are situated in Old Trafford, Manchester, England, UK. We come together to enjoy praising God in a lot of different activities through the week; more details are available about each activity on their respective pages.

This website is just a taster of the things we are doing in Old Trafford & Manchester. If you want to find out more about anything you see in these pages please just contact us or alternatively pop in and visit...