Friday Club

Friday Club is currently closed for Summer, opening with a welcome party on 13th September.


Ages 11+

Time: 7:30pm

In Friday Club you get to meet different people and play games such as:

Table tennis
Snooker / Pool
Push Penny
Mini Sports

"We also go out on trips every couple of weeks which we at youth club have a good time especially Sarah falling in the mud flat on her face."

- Jalena and Tanya 

In summer we try to go out on a trip every other week. These outings include Bowling, Swimming, Outdoor games and Ice Skating. In winter we go out approximately one week in four. 
When we're back at the Hall we play pool, table tennis and other games, as well as taking part in other activities that are organised by members of the Church. We try to keep the programme as varied as possible with Art, Craft, Quizzes, Cooking and more Games. 

We think that it is important to share what God says in the Bible with others, so for a few minutes during the evening we put down our bats and cues, and one of the leaders shares a short thought with the rest of us. We don't demand that everyone who comes to club believes everything that we say, but Friday club is a church Youth Club and we expect the members and leaders to respect each other and their beliefs.

"I love helping out at Club even though it is really humiliating to get thrashed at table tennis by an eleven year old. Probably the best advert for the club is that most of the leaders were members themselves in their younger days and enjoyed it so much that they never stopped coming."

- Ben 


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