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OTYW18 Bookings

Here you'll find the only way to book onto this year's Old Trafford Youth Weekend.

Please note: to book on, we require you to provide your top three seminar choices -  these need to be unique (you'll only attend one seminar on Saturday and we'll do our best to give you your first choice of seminar) -  as well as an afternoon activity choice. These can be changed up to two weeks before the weekend, but due to the hard work and time that goes into preparing each session, we can't accept any swaps or changes on the day. 

(By the way, at this early stage, seminars are subject to change depending on uptake)

Seminar options:

A: Peer Pressure
How do our friends impact the decisions we make? And how do we deal with pressure to do things or get involved with things we know go against the teachings of God and Jesus? We will explore practical applications of how to cope with these situations.

B: Baptism
What is baptism and just how important is it for Christians? We will look at biblical teachings about baptism as well as look at what can often stop people from getting baptised and how these problems can be overcome. 

C: Self-esteem
We can all feel a bit down sometimes about things, but as Christians we have someone who loves us unconditionally. We will explore how having a faith can help build us back up and how turning to God can help with life’s problems. 

D: Am I a Disciple, or a Christian?
Why do we call ourselves Christians/ Christadelphians, and not Disciples. We will explore what Jesus wants us to be known as and if we feel up to this calling.

E: Homosexuality
How do I respond when my friends ask me what my faith says about homosexuality? What kind of response should gay people receive from our believing community? This workshop will be a safe space to ask questions, consider Bible teaching, and learn some practical lessons.

F: Women in the Church
Do you have an opinion on the role of women in the church? Do you want to take a look at what the Bible says, compare scripture with scripture, consider cultural influences, and make an informed decision on principles and practice? Old Testament practice, Jesus, Paul, 2000 years of church attitudes – who is right? (This seminar is the same as last year and after popular demand is back)

G: Dealing with Suffering
How do we experience suffering as individuals and on a world scale? If God cares why doesn't he do something about it. No definitive answers guaranteed but come ready to discuss and question.

H: Sex and Relationships
In a world where Love Island rules the TV where do our Christian values align with this. In this seminar we will explore what the bible teaches about this often taboo topic and why the teachings are as they are.

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