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OTYW19 Bookings

Here you'll find the only way to book onto this year's Old Trafford Youth Weekend.
We are now fully booked! Our waiting list is also now full, and bookings are now closed. 


Please note: to book on, we require you to provide your top three seminar choices -  these need to be unique (you'll only attend one seminar on Saturday and we'll do our best to give you your first choice of seminar) -  as well as an afternoon activity choice. These can be changed up to two weeks before the weekend, but due to the hard work and time that goes into preparing each session, we can't accept any swaps or changes on the day. 

(By the way, at this early stage, seminars are subject to change depending on uptake)

Seminar options:

A: Baptism
What is baptism and just how important is it for Christians? We will look at biblical teachings about baptism as well as look at what can often stop people from getting baptised and how these problems can be overcome. 

B: Sex and relationships
In a world where Love Island rules the TV where do our Christian values align with this. In this seminar we will explore what the bible teaches about this often taboo topic and why the teachings are as they are.

C: Self-esteem
How do you believe in yourself when you are continually being told you should be fatter, slimmer, taller, smaller, cleverer, cooler, funnier, more responsible, less serious... 

D: Can I have fun and still be a Christian?
One of my last questions before I decided to get baptised was: can I still be the same person? I didn’t want to feel restricted because I was at a stage of my life that I was really enjoying. Would I still be able to go to parties and have a good time? Or did I need to change overnight and try to set an example? This seminar aims to show you that having fun and being a Christian aren’t at opposite ends of a spectrum. Whether you want to discuss your experiences or talk about your worries, all are welcome to join for a relaxed, honest and open discussion.

When the Bible says “male and female he created them” what does that mean for people who identify as LGBTQ+?  What can I say to my friends when they ask me what the Bible teaches? This workshop will provide a safe space to ask questions,  listen to different points of view, and hopefully shape a compassionate Christian response informed by the Word of God revealed in Jesus.

F: Abortion
In this workshop we will firstly think about all the issues that might relate to abortion.  We will then ask ourselves what the Bible says about each of these.  Finally we will put all this together and think how we should respond.

G: Other religions
Many religions claim to lead to Nirvana or a ‘better life’ or promise paradise for certain acts. Jesus Christ claims "no one can come to the Father except through me". In a multicultural society how do we assess whether competing claims are true. And how do we see the best in all people.

H: Reconnecting
Does God seem far away? Sometimes or even all the time? We’ll be thinking about how to get and stay connected and why this makes a difference.

I: Dealing with Suffering
Suffering is an inevitable fact of life that, when the bad stuff comes our way, can shake the very foundations of our faith.  How do we come to terms with unanswered prayer? Do we ever understand why things happen?