OTYW17 Bookings

Here you'll find the only way to book onto this year's Old Trafford Youth Weekend.

Please note: to book on, we require you to provide your top three seminar choices -  these need to be unique (you'll only attend one seminar on Saturday and we'll do our best to give you your first choice of seminar) -  as well as an afternoon activity choice. These can be changed up to two weeks before the weekend, but due to the hard work and time that goes into preparing each session, we can't accept any swaps or changes on the day. 

(By the way, at this early stage, seminars are subject to change depending on uptake. Descriptions will be added soon, thought the final content may change in the coming weeks as the leaders refine their seminar thoughts and discussion direction).

Seminar options:

A: What's the point of Baptism
Why should I do it? Do I know enough? Am I good enough? What's the point? These are questions we all ask ourselves at various points in our lives whether we're baptised or not. The aim of this seminar is to explore baptism together, share thoughts with each other and see what the bible says. It'll be lovely!

B: Kingdom - Hopes and Fears
There are only three words you need to remember about the Kingdom of God (and they're not 'Kingdom of God').  If you'd like to know what these are and why they're important and helpful, you'll need to come to this workshop. 

C: Can you have fun and be a Christian?
Christians are sometimes stereotyped as being boring, in this seminar we will see how this isn't the case at all. We will also see how the bible isn't a list of rules that restrict us from having fun, in fact being a Christian can be more fun than not! 

D: Women:  Do you have an opinion on the role of women in the church?
Do you want to take a look at what the Bible says, compare scripture with scripture, consider cultural influences, and make an informed decision on principles and practice? Old Testament practice, Jesus, Paul, 2000 years of church attitudes – who is right?

E: Should we be involved in politics?
What is the role of politics in society?  What is the role of a follower of Christ in society?  Is there any overlap, and if so what should you do about it?

F: Finding your place in the Church
As a young person, it’s not always easy to find your place within the church. We’ll look at what Church is all about, share our experiences and hopefully help you see where you fit in.

G: Self-esteem: Tackling self esteem in God's love
All of us suffer from low self esteem and doubts about ourselves sometimes! We will think about the challenges 21st century living gives us in seeking to be ourselves with confidence and become the people God wants us to be.

H: Prayer - When faith is shaken
Lets face it ...we all experience times when our Faith is shaken, how do we talk to God and Jesus when this happens?

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Any time between 7pm and 10pm on Friday is fine, but planned activities start at 8pm on Friday. If you think you're unable to arrive by 10pm on Friday please get in touch with us directly to let us know what you're plans are and we'll do our best to help (you'll receive contact details once you have submitted the form - please look out for it)!
(There is no led music group - but if you wish to sing around the piano, we invite you to do so during free time.
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